Small Business

When you’re already stretched for time, how can you possibly squeeze even more hours out of your day? Focus on the fundamentals of what you do well, and leave the rest up to advisers you trust! With Max Taxation & Financial Services, trust is predicated upon three core values: experience, knowledge, and relationships.

Most startups fail because of money, but many more succeed because they have a solid plan for growth and an efficient method for achieving it. You need a small business accountant for your startup that will be with you throughout the business life-cycle – from hanging your shingle to incorporation to closing up shop.

Small business accounting is more than tax preparation and annual financial statements. If you’re looking for a right-hand advisor you can call on year round for all things related to the growth of your business,

We offer a wide range of services including:

  • Business incorporation
  • Bank account set-up
  • Monthly recording of invoices and receipts
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Internal financial reports
  • GST/HST remittances
  • Payroll administration and remittances
  • Website development
  • Marketing advice
  • Social media-marketing
  • Newsletter marketing
  • Website analytics
  • Application development
  • IT support