Trust & Estate Planning

As your business and wealth grow, ensure that your capital is preserved throughout your lifetime and for future generations that you wish to pass it on to. You need the right Vancouver accounting firm with experienced trust and estate accountants to ensure that your interests are protected. Max Taxation & Financial Services is focused on preserving your hard-earned capital through tax planning that reduces your long-term tax burden. We have the knowledge and expertise to protect the wealth you’ve spent your lifetime earning, so you and your children can enjoy the fruits of your labour. Max Taxation & Financial Services’s trust and estate accountants are here to advise you on the next step as you and your business mature. We address the following common tax issues:

  • Minimizing taxes during retirement and upon death
  • Clarifying your goals and preparing a will
  • Recommending adequate life insurance policies to deal with taxes upon death
  • Preparing tax filings after death
  • Creating a testamentary trust
  • Ensuring the financial welfare of the surviving spouse